Auto-Data API 🚗

Content: - Configuration - How it works

Auto-Data API can be used in a car dealer website, a marketplace, or any classifieds website where people can buy and sell cars.

It's a new and important feature because it lets the website owners and users publish and search for vehicles without maintaining and updating the vehicle information (Brand, model, and generation).


  1. Login in to your Admin Panel.
  2. Go to Configure -> Integrations -> Auto-Data API -> Enable Auto-Data. Paste your API Token.
  3. Click Save.

This action will enable Auto-Data-API and create all the required custom fields: Brand, model, generation.


On the Auto-Data API page, you also need to import the XML file provided from Auto-Data API.

How it works

Now Auto-Data API is enabled, and the required fields are created. You, the car dealers/owners, or the person who publishes the car information will find three dropdown menus on the "publish new" page: "Brand", "Model" and "Generation". First, select a brand and then choose the model of the "Model" options.

  1. Brand: when you select a brand, the platform automatically retrieves the car brands and makes models available in the "Model" dropdown menu.
  2. Make: select the Brand to make all of its generations available in the "Generation" dropdown menu.
  3. Model: select the generation of the car.