How to configure your website mobile application

  1. Login to your Account ( -> Details -> Configure Mobile Apps.

  2. On the field, fill in the desired information to completely set up your iOS and Android application :

Name, this is going to be the display name on your mobile application

API Key, You need this key to link and enable your mobile app. Please refer to the steps below on how to obtain your API KEY

Terms and conditions url, Terms and conditions url is optional if you intend to add it on your mobile app.

Locale, this will be the language localization of the application.

Currency. this will be the currency of the product on your website.

Logo, you can upload your own logo with your mobile version.

Font, this will be the font on your mobile website.

Colors, you can also select the color appearance on your select fonts.

Google Maps , If you want to use google maps in your iOS and Android apps please follow this instructions, and insert your maps API key here.

How to obtain your API Key

  1. Login to your Admin Dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings -> General .
  3. Locate API Key and copy the key to use it for your mobile app set up.