Browse ads by distance

This feature allows your users to search for products based on their distance. When using your website, users can browse the ads that are short by distance, and see how far the items are from them.

For example, your users can browse through items near me , items in a distance of 30 kilometers or even items in short distance thanks to this feature.


How to locate your ads?

If you want to use this feature, you need to enable the following two features:

  • ## Google maps

How to activate Google maps?

  1. Login to your Admin Panel -> Integrations -> Google Maps.
  2. Fill the mandatory fields : you need to add Google Maps API key and other Google Maps parameters here. Follow this guide to learn how to do that.
    1. Click SAVE.
  • ## Locate the user Auto locate visitors is a feature you can use to bring your visitors more relevant information or save them time while searching for ads. When this option is enabled the visitor’s browser will ask them if they want to share their location.

How to enable auto locate user? 1. Login to your Admin panel -> Addons, then find Auto Locate and click on it. 2. You need to have a SSL certificate installed on your website if you want to use this option. - If you need to get a new SSL certificate for your website, please follow this guide. - If your website is NOT hosted on, then you need to follow this guide.

  1. Tick the option box to enable this function.
  2. Click Save.

After enabling the Browse ads by distance feature visitors can browse your website and sort the ads by distance.