How to create custom fields for users

For example, if you create a Custom Field and name it “Age”, on the user registration form, a new field named “Age” will appear, so your users will have to provide their age when they register. Other ideas : birthday, province, phone number, address, etc...


  1. PayPal email for sellers-> Create this user Custom Field so on the user registration form, users will see this new field to enter their PayPal account email address that will be used to get paid from their ads, if a different PayPal email address is not set in the advertisement. For more information follow this guide.

  2. Chat with the seller-> Using this option in your site users can enter their Whatsapp phone number, Skype Id and Telegram username into their user profile account.

This way users will be able to contact sellers directly just by clicking on the icon of the service Whatsapp, Skype or Telegram. Here are the instructions to follow to enable this feature.

  1. Verified User-> The admins and moderators of the site have the option to mark a trustworthy user as verified. Verified users will get a verified badge next to their username. More information here.

How to create custom fields for users

Login to your Admin Panel -> Users -> User Custom Fields -> New Field.

Note that custom fields for users are available only for the Premium Users and on all sites hosted on

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