How to Use Yclas Support System


  • Client login
  • Open a ticket
  • Replying to a ticket
  • What does support cover


Client login

Yclas provides its very own client dashboard portal to manage your website details, purchased products and add-ons, opening/responding support ticket and managing your profile.

Opening a ticket

We offer private professional support done by our developers with all our plans. We will answer within 24 working hours and we will try our best to help you as always!

To use Private Professional Support login to Yclas and on My Account choose Support.

Once you are on the Support page press the button “New Ticket”.

Before opening a ticket you need to enter a keyword or a topic. After you type the first two letter of the keyword/topic you will see all the related docs below, which you can click to open in a new tab.

If you can’t find the answer of your question in the docs you can press the button called New Ticket, which becomes enabled only after you enter one or more keywords.

When you click “New Ticket”, a ticket opening panel comes up, in which you could put the title and describe whatever you need help with.

Note: Kindly open one ticket on every issue that you encounter. This is to avoid conflicts in every issue raised.

Replying to a ticket

On the support page you can see a list of all the opened tickets and their status: Open, hold or closed. A ticket is on hold when you have received a reply from one of the support agents.

To reply you can simply click on the message shaped button next to the ticket and the reply form will open with all of the previous conversations. From here, you can read the full ticket conversation, close your ticket or place a reply.

What does support cover

We will always try to help to you as much as we can as we love helping new businesses. You can open a support ticket any time you have a bug, an error or an issue related to the software, or if you are not sure how something works. We are here to help you.

Support does not include:

  • Mentoring for technologies CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript or other technologies used in our software.
  • Sign up or support for third party services.
  • Customization of software or themes.
  • Configuration of your server or system

Note: Additional customization may require charges depending on the requested changes. Kindly send an email to to get a quote.