Error troubleshooting

Have you seen this page?

Don’t worry, it is not as complicated as it may seems.

How to see what’s the error about?

To troubleshoot, please login to your Admin Panel > Tools > Logs, then you will see something like:

Here are the error logs that happened in the application and a bit of explanation of what’s going on.

  • If you can’t access to your panel, probably your MySQL server is gone. Contact your hosting provider.
  • If you can’t access to your site, contact your hosting provider as well.

If you can’t access your error log follow these steps:

  • Open in your editor /oc/bootstrap.php (accessed from file manager or FTP).
  • Search for === ‘reoc.lo’ and replace it with !== ‘reoc.lo’.
  • Now you should see the error with some debug information in the footer.
  • Revert the changes on the bootstrap.php file.

If you still don’t see any error at your logs, you can check the error log at your hosting.

In your cPanel it’s located at Home > Logs > Error Log. If you are the admin of your server, you can type:

sudo tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log or something similar to see all the errors

This guide is only for Yclas Self-hosted