How to avoid spam in my site

Are you tired of getting all types of spam on your website? We have the solution you're seeking. Read on ⬇️


Spam is a serious issue, that’s why at Yclas we have developed a set of tools to help/prevent getting these ads and making your site look unprofessional.


Moderate Ads

The best option is to moderate the ads. With this, you make sure you don’t get spam or duplicated ads.

Login to your Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Settings > General > Opens your general site's settings. Set the Moderation option on “Moderation On”.


Black List

Next step is to activate the Black List. There's a guide on how to do that in our documentation.


You can also activate Akismet entering your Akismet key.

You can find more information about Akismet and how obtain an Akismet key following this link: It’s free to use but be aware of false positives.

To integrate Akismet to your website, you have to go to Configuration -> Integrations -> find Akismet and enable it.


To configure Captcha:

Go to Configuration> Settings> Advertisement.

Find and enable the Captcha.